Magic Mike Live | Las Vegas


Magic Mike Live’ stage show in Las Vegas: My favorite thing to come out of the shit show of 2017

Ever wish you could live inside the world of Magic Mike? Well, now you can. And it’s everything you want it to be. But first, some background: Do you know this exists? Many women don’t. I do, because I am a passionate fan of both Magic Mike and Magic Mike: XXL. I do, because when I first heard that Channing Tatum was developing a live show I fell to my knees, thanked a god I didn’t know...

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A Message From One Of Our Fave Men

This month, Cosmopolitan's Michele Promaulayko turns over her editor's letter to Channing Tatum.

Entertainment Tonight - Magic Mike Live in Vegas

ET Feature

113 thoughts I had watching Magic Mike Live - GLAMOUR By Lindsey Kelk

Like many people, best-selling author Lindsey Kelk thought strip shows were tacky. Then she went to see Magic Mike Live in LAs Vegas... Hands up if you loved the Magic Mike movies? Yep, me too. But would you really want to see it in person? Cheesy male strippers in tearaway trousers, grinding in your face and poking you with a truncheon? Nope, I didn’t think so. Which is why I...

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Ellen sent bride-to-be Leah and her best friends to Las Vegas for an unforgettably magical (and sexy) bachelorette party. Watch on EllenTube

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Gush Over Who's Sexiest at 'Magic Mike Live' Premiere - Entertainment Tonight

ET spoke with the 36-year-old actor and his wife on opening night of his new show Magic Mike Live at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, on Friday.